W H O  W E  A R E

FNFD is an NFP Indigenous Corporations our core business is in supporting the growth of Indigenous Fashion. We are a national voice representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members, creating ongoing access to opportunities, skill development, and industry engagement.

We are working towards a self-sustaining ecosystem of Aboriginal Fashion Designers, Textile Artists, Jewellery Designers, Photographers, Models, Hair + Makeup Artists, Stylists, Curators, and Fashion Industry Professionals. We are 100% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board of Directors and Executive team. We pay equal attention to the cultural and commercial considerations of our members.


W H A T  W E  D O

The FNFD program provides a national platform for grassroots art collectives and artists to showcase Indigenous-led arts, dance and fashion. In doing so, this unique and progressive initiative also enables a space for cultural expression, celebration and the continued dialogue of Indigenous knowledge.

One of our key aim of FNFD is to assist to improve the economic status of First Nations designers and communities, through increasing enterprise capability, and investment into community made arts and products. Beyond that, it is also a chance to celebrate Indigenous independent designers and increase their design skills and profile.

FNFD aims to promote ethical trading, and best practice when working with, purchasing or licensing Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander arts, prints, designs, and cultural products.